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 The Wheat and Wheat By-products Male Anta Faedragon

He is the law. Or at least that's what he believes. This Anta is a legislator an enforcer of legislation all rolled into one... sort of. Thing is, his "laws" tend towards the strange and, like the Anta himself, are constantly shifting and changing. For instance, he might decide one day that his bonded is no longer allowed to wear pink and proceed to throw all their pink clothing in the garbage and follow them around for a solid week making sure they don't even so much as look at a pink scrap of cloth. Then the next week he might decide that they're only allowed to wear pink... yeah, that sort of thing. The rules tend to be nonsensical and unpredictable, but he always seems to have his reasons. Being a faedragon really makes it hard to communicate said reasons beyond "pink=bad" in the crudest of emotional senses, though. To that end, the only words he uses with any consistency are, in fact, good and bad, and while he might say something else on occasion he's unlikely to do it frequently.

His enforcement of the "laws" is just as haphazard as his making of them. He can be a good cop or a bad cop or anything in between, and the only constant about his personality is that he's constantly trying to get his bonded (or occasionally one of his other bondmates) to conform to whatever strange stricture he's thought up now. He can go from violently flaring his frills at someone to cuddling up to them with little cooing noises in an instant, and he tends to swing between extremes somewhat erratically. Notably, though, in warmer months he seems to be more mellow and kind overall. That's not to say that he doesn't have his stormy days in May, they're just fewer and farther between.

Like all Anta, his appearance is just as changeable as his moods. At least in his case it tends to reflect those moods, though. He tends towards pastels with soft, swirling patterns and a good amount of sparkle, pinks and purples and blues intertwining attractively across his body. When he's in "bad cop" mode, however, the colors seem to shift towards the darker end of the spectrum... the purples and blues taking on a bruised appearance, the pinks deepening into more of a light red. The sparkles seem to become less liberal but sharper, like the gleam of light off the blade of a knife rather than the soft little twinkle of his more gentle moments. Even his eyes seem to change from a soft yellow to a harsh, predatory gold. If he wasn't a faedragon and therefore inherently small and more than a little cute, it would most certainly be frightening.


Mindvoice -   #bd2489


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